Shabbat on campus

During the COVID era, Chabad is encouraging social distancing by offering Shabbat To-Go. To learn more, click here 

Pre-COVID, Shabbos services were hosted each Friday night Shabbat day.

Over 100 students choose to attend the Shabbat dinner held each week at Chabad, making it the largest regularly-scheduled gathering of Jewish students at WashU. A wonderfully diverse group of students participate, and together build campus community. In addition to student-guests, prospective students, parents, deans, and professors often join as well. Shabbat dinner at Chabad continues during most school breaks as well. Please click here to RSVP.

After services conclude on Shabbat morning, the “Shabbat lunch community” comes together to enjoy a delicious and festive weekly meal. Lunches rotate between Chabad, Bais Abe, and St. Louis Hillel.

Shabbat experiences are sponsored by families, alumni, and community members, who enable us to provide them at no charge to students. Please contact Rabbi Novack if you know someone who may be interested in becoming a sponsor.

Jewish Holidays

Jewish holidays are a special time to develop community. Chabad hosts Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur services and large holiday meals. Typically, 400+ attend for Rosh Hashana!

For Sukkot, we construct a large Sukkah in the lot behind the Chabad House. In addition, the Chabad Student Association erects a Sukkah in the courtyard of the DUC, where a Lulav and Etrog are available for students.

Chanukah is celebrated in grand style, with public Menorah lightings, and celebrations large and small.

For the holiday of Purim, the celebrations take on a festive note. Many years, we host a comedy program or giant party!

On Passover, Chabad hosts a mega-Seder in the largest dining hall on campus where over 250 students typically attend. In addition, we support hundreds of students who lead their own Seders.

Chabad also helps students find hospitality with observant families proximate to campus.