Facts & Figures

What has happened as a result of the existence of the eruv?

  • Attendance of mothers and children at shuls on Shabbos has increased dramatically.
  • Shabbos hospitality for families with small children has become commonplace.
  • The streets on Friday evenings and Shabbos mornings and afternoons are filled with strollers and baby carriages.
  • Wheel chairs transporting people to and from shul has become a familiar sight.

The eruv operates with the broad support of our Jewish Community.

Financial support to build and operate the eruv came from members of all the shuls within the eruv. $50,000 was raised.

The cost to build the eruv was $19,960.

The annual costs to maintain and operate the eruv over the last year were:

Administration and Insurance






Repairs and Maintenance



If the members of our community recognize the value of the Community Eruv and the direct benefit to our families and our community, then the eruv must continue to have all our support.

Please send your tax deductible contribution to:

                    St. Louis Community Eruv, Inc.
                    c/o Joel Garbow, Ph.D.
                    7947 Cornell Avenue
                    St. Louis, MO 63130

You may also donate to the Eruv via PayPal:

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