May 20, 2005

Eruv to Include Washington University

Dear Friends,

The St. Louis Community Eruv is writing to you because construction work on the Metrolink expansion will result in the removal of portions of our existing boundary. Therefore, the Eruv boundary east of Big Bend is in the process of changing. We are pleased to announce that the planned boundary change will, when complete, have the advantage of including Hillel and Student Housing at Washington University. There are a growing number of Jewish students and Hillel staff who will be very pleased to have Student Housing and Hillel included in the Community Eruv.

The boundary will move south crossing the Pedestrian Bridge extending from the Ackert Walkway over Forest Park Boulevard to and across the Washington University Campus, to the south end of Hillel House, west to University Lane, south along University Lane to north of Arundel, east to Demun, south along Demun to Seminary Park, west to Big Bend.

While the Eruv has sufficient funds for its day to day operations, insurance and maintenance, the construction of these Eruv boundary changes will be costly, and funds to pay those costs are needed. The Eruv is therefore soliciting your support for expanding the boundary. If the boundary is not relocated, the Eruv will not be functional.

Please respond promptly to this request by sending your tax deductible contribution to:

                    St. Louis Community Eruv, Inc.
                    c/o Joel Garbow, Ph.D.
                    7947 Cornell Avenue
                    St. Louis, MO 63130

PLEASE NOTE: Prior to the completion of the changes to the Eruv boundary, there may be a point in time when portions of the existing Eruv boundary will be removed. Please check that the Eruv is UP by calling the hotline (863-1811) or checking our new website (

                    Sincerely yours,

                         Stuart H. Zimbalist

                    President, St. Louis Community Eruv, Inc.