Info for the Lessons and Legacies 2018 Conference

  • Welcome to Washington University

  • WashU is a great place to be Jewish. Our campus has a wonderful program for students, faculty, and guests. 

    There are Kosher lunches and dinners available in the Bear's Den, and pre-packed meals such as sandwiches, omelettes, and salads at all the other eateries. There is an Eruv around virtually all of campus, this Eruv extends to include the Chabad House and the hotels in Clayton, including the Sheraton.

    Here is a schedule of events that may be of interest to conference attendees. All events will be held at the Chabad House, 7018 Forsyth Blvd, which is conveniently located steps from WashU, and proximate to Clayton.

    Thursday, November 1

    Shachris Minyan 7:45 am 

    Friday, November 2

    Shachris Minyan at 7:50 am

    Shabbat begins at 5:42 pm (candelighting).

    Kabalat Shabbat at 6 pm. 

    Grand Shabbat Dinner with 150 college students at 7 pm. Should you wish to attend the dinner, please RSVP here

    Shabbat day, November 3

    Morning Minyan at 9:45

    Followed by lunch either at the Chabad House or at the Hillel House.

    Shaleshudis at 5:15 pm, followed by Maariv and Havdala. Shabbat concludes at 6:40 pm.

    Sunday, November 4

    Possible morning Minyan, please email Rabbi Novack for specifics at [email protected] 

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