To our Students at WashU, 

Chabad and Hillel have hosted multitudes of students for Shabbat and Jewish holidays for decades. However, the pandemic compels us to make some changes in order to maintain social distancing and your safety.

We are excited to announce that safe, kosher-certified meals will be available for all Shabbat and Holiday meals. 

Through a joint partnership between Hillel, Chabad, Washington University Dining, and Bon Appetit, we have worked to expand kosher dining through the University.  This Shabbat program will start on September 11th.

Kosher Shabbat & Holiday Dining Plan (as of Sep 4, 2020):

  • All Shabbat and Jewish Holiday dinner and lunch meals will be by pre-order only. Shabbat and holiday meals will be available for order on your Grubhub student dining app. Orders will be processed using your meal points.
  • If any student is out of meal points and doesn’t have the funds, contact the Chabad or Hillel staff. We will ensure that everyone can participate.
  • Weekly menus will be distributed by Chabad and Hillel. There will be options for dietary restrictions.
  • Orders must be placed by Wednesday at 11:59 PM 
  • Orders can be picked up at Bears Den, Chabad, or Hillel in a safe manner on Fridays.  Pickup time will vary and can be chosen on the app.
  • Meals will be available in microwavable containers for pick up on Friday afternoon from BD and oven save meals for pick up from Chabad and Hillel.
  • Meals for pick up on Shabbat or holidays at Chabad and Hillel will be heated and kept cooled according to Shabbat and Holiday procedures.  
  • Washington University retains no responsibility for what you do with your meal once it is picked up. It is your responsibility to consume your meal in ways that are safe and recommended by the university. 

Chabad and Hillel, as off campus spaces, will have limited availability for onsite seating. We will be unable to host walk-in guests. We will be operating under St. Louis County guidelines and the recommendations of our health advisory boards.  At this point, we are unsure how much seating will be available,  but Hillel and Chabad are working with architects to determine safe seating capacity at our respective locations. We will share that information as it becomes available. 

Please note this information is subject to change as the Covid-19 situation and University guidelines continue to evolve. 

We anticipate your cooperation in ensuring the successful execution of this plan. Please reach out to any of us with questions. We look forward to welcoming you back to WashU for a healthy and successful school year.


The Hillel and Chabad Staff