WashU has updated its policy for missing classes to more fairly accommodate students who miss class, exams, or assignments, owing to religious observance.

The policy states: “Students who plan to miss class for a religious holiday must inform their instructors in writing before the end of the third week of class, or as soon as possible if the holiday occurs during the first three weeks of the semester.”

You can read the entire policy here (pdf).

Here is a sample text of the email for this semester (Fall 2023). Please do not send this text as-is, instead, check which of your actual classes occur on these dates and email the professor with the relevant dates:

Hello Professor [Name],

Please note that I will need to miss class for religious reasons on the following work-restricted Jewish holidays:

Rosh Hashana: From Sunset on September 15 through nightfall on September 17.

Yom Kippur: From Sunset on September 24 through nightfall on September 25.

First days of Sukkot: From Sunset on September 29 through nightfall on October 1.

Shmini Atzeret/Simchat Torah: From Sunset on October 6 through nightfall on October 8.

I am following WashU's "WashU’s Religious Holiday Class Absence Policy" located at https://students.wustl.edu/religious-celebration-calendar/.

Thank you for your understanding,


(These are the only work-restricted Jewish religious holiday that falls out during FL2023.)