Chabad offers many opportunities for Jewish study. Classes include:

Sinai Scholars: Revolutionary Ideas Judaism Introduced to the World 
The Sinai Scholars Society is a national program, reaching universities all over the country. This incredible, compresensive, and thought-provoking 8-week course focuses on Jewish values through the lens of the Commandments. Class includes textual study, field trips, formal graduation, alumni benefits, and a stipend upon completion of course requirements. Click for more information.

The Ari Fellowship
The Ari fellowship is an in-depth study series designed to engage the mind through Yeshiva style learning. This semester, we will be studying the philosophy of religious practice in a text/discussion based class. Participants will understand the ethical, moral, and philosophical reasons behind practical halacha and will use the texts and discussions to further develop their spirituality. The fellowship is geared towards WashU students who have some experience with text based Jewish learning, such as alumni of Jewish Day School, individuals that took a gap year, or students of similar background.

NEW COURSE: The Land and the Spirit: Why We All Care About Israel
Explore the spirit of a land that has pulsed with energy and mystery since the dawn of time, a land that has captured our imagination throughout history, a land that breathes with the glory of our past and the dreams of our future. Join us as we examine what Israel was meant to be, and what Israel means to us today.

Weekly Mishmar
Hosted in a student apartment.

Coffee with the Rabbi or Rebbetzin
Schedule a meeting with Rabbi Hershey or Chana anytime and anywhere on campus. We are available for individual study as well as anything else you may want to discuss.

Visit our calendar for a complete listing of upcoming classes. Don't see something that interests you? Contact us.