There are over 80 countries served by full-time Chabad centers, including most of Washington University's study abroad locations.

A comprehensive directory of Chabad centers can be found here. Seeking a Seder? Our global Chabad Seder directory is here.

"I spent a semester studying abroad in Prague. When I arrived I did not speak the language at all and didn't know a soul. I was excited to learn all about the rich heritage Jewish Prague has held historically, but also really wanted to find an active community that would be welcoming to me.

Thank goodness there was a Chabad House!
The Chabad family in Prague was just amazing; they invited me over and made me feel at home every single Shabbat. By the time I left, I'd become part of the family. Not only for Shabbat meals, but in terms of support and the family feeling I found there... I don't know what I would have done without the amazing hospitality of Chabad in Prague... I still keep in touch with them, and in many ways what they provided was essential to my having a good experience abroad."
                       -- Caryn Mervis, Arts and Sciences, Class of 2003