Chabad at WashU has accomplished so much serving the WashU community during the 2019 academic year with the help of generous donors who care about impacting the young Jews of today. Thank you to everyone for your support!


challah.png 4470 Shabbat guests... were hosted at Chabad during the past year. Week after week, over a hundred students choose to join Chabad for a classic Shabbos meal, and many bring their friends to introduce them to a welcoming and inclusive community.


1368 WashU undergraduates signed up for our email list. No, we don't bombard students with weekly emails. They receive timely updates from us regarding Jewish holidays, new programming and other matters of interest.

sand-watch-4.png 450 hours were volunteered by Washington University students in COAST, our collaborative educational program for children with special needs. The joy and satisfaction that this program brings to both the children and the students is immeasurable; the bonds they forge last for years.


486 students, faculty, and community members packed Graham Chapel for our annual Holocaust lecture, presented in 2015 by Prof. Eugen Schoenfeld, Auschwitz survivor and WashU alum. The dedicated work of our students and the power of Prof. Schoenfeld’s legacy demonstrate that Holocaust education is as important today as it ever was.


427 students participated on the first night of Rosh Hashana. That means that nearly a third of WashU’s Jewish population decided to join us for the first meal of the High Holidays and the Jewish New Year. That is a lot of apples and honey!

seder.png 265 chose to celebrate the Passover Seder with Chabad in College Hall. And for those who didn’t want such a large affair, another 55 celebrated in the Chabad House, at a “small” Seder. Plus, hundreds more took participated in their own student-led Seders using Chabad resources!

simple-black-silhouette-of-the-old-greek-column-vector-illustration_149176571[1].jpg 190 fraternity brothers and sorority sisters joined Chabad for cultural enrichment programs such as baking Challah and discussions on Jewish values. Students who choose to participate in Greek Life appreciate the laid back environment and inclusive nature of Chabad.

plane-figure-hi.png 80-100 students participate on Birthright Israel trips with Mayanot each year. This program is a gift of Taglit-Birthright Israel, with Chabad campus professionals on board to staff the trips. (This represents about 25% of the Jewish campus population of any given class).

cap.png 210+ graduate students and young adults participate in our JGrads program. This represents the highest total affiliation in the history of the program. The Jewish Federation of St. Louis is a key contributor to this program. What, did you think we only served undergrads?

sinai scholars.png 44 thoughtful students learned with Director Chana R. Novack as part of the Sinai Scholars Society series of classes. They learned about tenets of Jewish law, Jewish ethics, and fundamentals of Jewish practice. (This represents 11% of the Jewish campus population of any given class.)

Aleph.jpg 35 undergrads take time out of their Sundays to study and learn in the Beit Midrash program where students engaged in independent learning. Plus, a smaller group gather to learn in a student apartment for Mishmar Thursday nights with provisions provided by Chabad.

student leaders.png 28 incredible students were elected to the Chabad Student Association, the central student group affiliated with Chabad and WashU's Student Union. Their hard work, creativity, and dedication ensure that special programs like the ones you just read are possible.

student leaders.png Countless received guidance, help, hospital visits — even chicken soup delivered to their dorm — when facing one of life's rougher patches.

Smart people read the fine print, and here is ours: We assume that there are about 1600 Jewish undergraduate students at Washington University. These numbers are good-faith estimates and actual counting of attendance during the 2019 academic year. If you would like to join our family of supporters, please click to make an online gift using a credit card, or, if you would prefer to use PayPal, click over to Thank you for reading.